Gender Symbols - Anouk

(Photo Credit: Anouk)

Prounoun Usage:

This blog is based on my personal explorations and is most often written in the first person. At times, however, the use of the pronoun “you” may take the place of “I” for the sake of flow or for suggesting that the speaker’s experience or realization is a general attribute of the human condition. I speak on my own behalf, and if the use of ‘you’ is bothersome to some readers I kindly ask those readers to simply replace the pronoun “you” with “I’ as they read.

Gender Usage:

Also, as this blog’s main exploration is human nature and the conditioning of the human mind both in general and in particular, I have chosen (for the sake of flow and convenience) to use the less than ideal masculine pronoun “he” and the masculine noun “mankind” instead of inserting the awkward but politically correct “he/she” and “humankind” into every slot that requires the description of human beings in general or as a whole. I will gladly use gender neutral pronouns and nouns when they contribute to the overall readability of the blog.


(Featured Image Credit: ThisParticularGreg)