*Quotes attributed to Tolle in this piece are only close paraphrases. The content of Eckhart’s talks at Omega Institute have been filmed and will be made available in months to come on ETTV*


Are you searching for meaning in this short confounding little life that you lead? A little pleasure to postpone the inevitable pain of life? A little power to secure your position of master until the face in the mirror slaps you into realizing your slavehood? Is the pursuit of power and pleasure a path to living a meaningful life, or is a meaningful life independent of any such paths?


I think it’s time I become a little transparent: The Chronicle of a Lone Sheep is a SERIOUS blog. SERIOUS. I know, I know…you never realized this before, which is why I’m so graciously pointing it out. So, why is this blog so serious you ask?

Uhm…because you fractured your funny bone in the toddler bicycle incident of 1980?

Dauvit Alexander - Primary Crash

(Photo Credit: Dauvit Alexander)

What? I never fractured my funny bone!

Oh okay. Uhm…I know! Your ability to see the levity in any situation is shrouded by that seriously dense gray rain cloud hovering perpetually over your head since the toddler bicycle incident of 1980?

Douglas Bittinger

(Photo Credit: Douglas Bittinger)

What!? No! I mean…well yes. Okay, that dense gray rain cloud thing you just said is kind of on the right track. But seriously, there was never any ‘bicycle incident’ that affected my funny bone in the year 1980 so just quit saying that!!

Wow. You really can’t take a joke can you?

Damn. The mirror slaps hard. Okay mirror, what am I really looking for? Is it meaning through power and/or pleasure? Is it power and/or pleasure through meaning? Or is it just a little touch of joy for the sake of joy? A little speck of light in the darkness? A little ‘rolling on the floor’ kind of laughter generated from a place deep inside which can never be touched by the hand of time…which can transcend even the reflection in the mirror; the shallowness of the grave? A little sun to dry out the rain?

Yes, joy is made up of all the “little’s”… 








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What are “big’s” anyway? Big job? Big title? Big money? Big award? Big fame? Big political, social, religious, economic, intellectual and spiritual EGO’s? Can big money save me from the grave? Can I take big fame with me when I die? Is my big spiritual or intellectual knowledge going to get me out growing old? 


Well how about this for BIG? Eckhart introduced this video created by the comedian Arj Barker as “an example of a HUGE spiritual EGO.” With a ‘little’ smile on his face he added: “If you are easily offended, now would probably be a good time to take a bathroom break…and if you’re a Buddhist who is easily offended then you should definitely take a bathroom break.”…


Can I answer you using the old idiom, “The BIGGER they are, the HARDER they FALL“?

Hahahaha! Indeed! Well nothing could top off this hilarity better than the next day when Eckhart, in the middle of speaking about conflict of one kind or another, suddenly and gently broke out (in his charming German accent) with – “You don’t think I’m peaceful? Step up to my face and say that bitch.” *Smile – Smile – Blink – Blink*

Say what!? (Everyone was looking around at one another). My friend turned to me and said, “Did he? I mean…did Eckhart just say the B word??”

To tell you the truth I think it would have been even funnier if he had said “BIAAATCH” Hahaha



Little did we know that after the initial jolting video that Eckhart Tolle played for us on our “evening of entertainment“, we were in for quite a ride guided by the most peaceful (and as you can well see hilarious) heart I have ever encountered in my life. I’m not presenting these clips in sequential order, but in the order that they influenced me. 

Eckhart played a beautiful video which I can’t quite recall to play back to you, but it conveyed the ‘little’ that “I’m looking for” – which must be infinitely big!:

But that’s not reality. That kind man may have had a hand in sending the little girl to school, but chances are he was handing her mother money which was going into the oppressive fist of some patriarch. And once the woman with the cart became used to the kind man’s help, coming to expect it every day, would her heart have been at peace the day he didn’t come, or would she have cursed him from within? The old woman who received bananas every week may have never shown an ounce of gratitude let alone come out to hug him! Dogs and plants…well they’re different. But people don’t change. You just can’t expect that you’ll GET ’emotions, love, understanding, happiness, peace’ or any of those kinds of things by GIVING them!

My dear little girl with the big hurt ego, can you still not see through the density of the rain clouds you have brought upon your own head? Have you changed? What makes you think that you seek more “giving” and “taking”? Has your entire life not consisted of give and take relationships? I thought you were looking for something other than what was.

What do you mean?

What I mean is that what you’re looking for can never be found in the future. Beauty, Life, Love, Peace, Joy and Wonder can’t be found in any give and take relationship. What you’re searching for is the end of suffering, which comes only with the end of searching, the end of expectation, the end of wanting and desiring the next thing – the end of past and future.

So what am I to do?

You mean what are you to UNDO? EVERY THING. Little girl, can’t you see that what you really want is too BIG for any ego to handle? Can’t you see that want you want is the ability to GIVE without ever expecting anything in return? Kindness is never kindness if there is something to be gained.

So if you plan to continue on the beaten path, giving always in hopes of receiving, then let me give you a bit of advice – hang on tight to that funny bone girl, ’cause you’re going to need it in this lifetime!

Stay tuned for more…