Painting of the Week
July 25, 2016

Wendy Sparling


The Chronicle of a Lone Sheep Family is very proud to feature this week’s painting by the very talented and creative painter, Wendy Sparling.

This spontaneous sketch is called ‘Silent Vibrations to Noplace’. The hand sign is used for the word Silence.  The flute is Rula Mazigi‘s ‘Magical Flute’ and the tiny people are Ashok Sharda, Rula, Akbar Hussain and Wendy, enjoying friendship and silence surrounded by vibrations.   The drawing was the result of a whirl wind thought.

Wendy Sparling – “Silent Vibrations to Noplace”

Wendy Sparling lives on Vancouver Island, BC, with her husband and pets Lucy and Sugar.  She has five grandchildren who live nearby. Her interest in drawing began at an early age of eight years old. When she was in third grade, her teacher encouraged the class to enter an art contest. It was Christmas time and she decided to paint Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. Wendy can still remember whispering to her classmate asking the color of Santa Claus’ suit. She wouldn’t tell her so she painted it blue. She won the competition and her reward was to have her photo and picture published in a magazine. Wendy progressed to charcoals in her early teens and loved to sketch portraits. Her basics came from “Learning to Draw” by Walter Foster.

Wendy’s oil paintings vary from Mexican themes, landscapes and flowers or anything that catches her eye. The winter of 2006-07, she spent most of her days in an art school in Mazatlan, Mexico. Wendy’s vacation highlight was being invited to El Cid Country Club to exhibit and sell her paintings.  Her style has varied over the years to a more thought related art form.

Although Wendy likes to write poetry (which you can find here), oil painting is her first love. Wendy paints for pleasure and relaxation as it is a labour of love.