Poems of the Week 
July 25th, 2016
Geethanjali Dilip


The Chronicle of a Lone Sheep Family is proud to present two poems for the week of July 25th, 2016 submitted by Mrs. Geethanjali Dilip, who celebrates life through her soul’s expression in poetry. Having published her first poetry anthology “Between Moms and Sons” with Aakash Sagar, in midlife, she has no regrets as she realizes that life is poetry lived every moment! When she is not teaching French she is scribing feverishly, contributing poetry to many online poetry pages on Facebook including The Significant League, World Union of Poets, GloMag, Poetry Circle and many more. She is a contributing poet for anthologies published by ‘Different Truths‘.

Her pages on Facebook are Alcove ATMA and Geethatmaa. She runs her private institution Zone Francofone, a French Coaching/ Teaching center at Salem, India. Geethanjali holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and is a post graduate in French.

Featured Poems


Nails - Geethanjali Dilip


These are not just my nails.

They are the extensions of my many births.

My desires rejuvenated over and over again.

They know they have a shelf life.

They are about life giving keratin,

My nails are my promises of hope.

The faith that life is the only truth and that death is the only lie.

These are not just my nails!

They are the tomorrows, the yesterdays and the afterlife,

They talk to me about what can chip off, break, crack and just grow back.

My invincible spirit that makes me peer at the sun and kiss the moon.

These are not just my nails.. They are my pawns that disintegrate the ” I” I don’t have to treasure. For everything changes .

My nails are my witnesses of my evolution and my endlessness.

And that illusions exist only in the head.. The rest is real.

The real grows in my nails!

© ® Geethanjali Dilip 23.07.16


My posture is like that of a well evolved tree,

My branches in a gentle dip of the weight of my lush foliage.

Dazzling a florescent yellow green having sipped the quintessence of life.

The winds sway with me bringing me lores of all that goes on beyond my perception.

I nod in agreement at the perfection of purposeful execution of breath that swoops down like the Brahmini eagle.

But you see dear consciousness..

I am surrounded by a material glass like mural in fabrication, resilient, sturdy and preconceived with its grains of engrams!

I see through this cabin I’m encapsulated in!

My branches butt against their cold confines while the winds knock on the sheer walks!

I take a deep breath knowing my purpose.

I shudder in delight.

A pang of rebellion courses through my veins and my barks molt from a liberation!

To my surprise I see the glass walls fall ever so gently without a thud in slow motion and I see flowers from me reflected in psychedelic hues.

I step out in the open feeling the bare Earth.

I’m learning to stay rooted without gripping too hard!

I wave to the other trees and they take a hike with me in a forest trail called Shanthi .

It is beyond peace.

It breathes of a still settling uniting me with the supra sphere of all koshas.

I’ve broken through.

I have peeled through five leagues.

Now my breath is bliss.

© ® Geethanjali Dilip