Today as I drove home feeling anxious and a little ‘low’ I decided to listen to some music to try and relax. I ended up getting a little teary. I don’t know but when I heard a certain piece of music I suddenly realized the depth of its beauty and how beautiful the singer must be when he/she sings with all of his/her being. The singers who are truly one with their song are so evident to the ear – any ear whether it is conditioned to hear that type of music or not may be moved by the creativity of a true artist whose creation in the moment of creation is not separate. There is no product and no producer, no singer and no song. They are one and the same in those moments. But when the singer stops singing he returns to his quirky world, his strange self, his conditioning, his habits, his preoccupation with fame and money and glory and ambition and escape and anxiety. This thought reminded me of a similar thought that Eckhart Tolle shared in one of his talks using Micheal Jackson as an example of such an artist.

In these moments I cried. I cried because life can be so beautiful, a song and singer as one are ALIVE but that is so fleeting. It is harmony, order, and great beauty which occurs as an accident which the mind seems to do its best to avoid, though Truth (which is Light, which is Love) sometimes does shine through some people every once in a while. The rest of life is a decay – oppressive, painful, and self deprecating. I cried because maybe we can change, one by one, and we don’t. I cried because in the human sleep-walking condition we don’t know how and those who realize a little bit seem afraid to find out for themselves shunting between a state of sleep and wakefulness projecting “can’t” and negativity, projecting bitterness, anger, and hatred amidst the hopes and dreams of change which go unrealized.

I cried and then I smiled because I saw that if the Light of Life’s harmony, if this order, if this beauty and ALIVENESS (which is LOVE) can shine through a human being by accident then it can also shine through with intentional acts, hard work, and a process which is serious and relentless, a process to end all processes – an effort beyond all the great efforts we make to destroy ourselves, an effort which let’s go of fear forever. For ever.

Yes, I arrived home with a smile.