"Young Frankenstein" (Wilder; Brooks 1974)


No you’re not seeing DOUBLE. Seriously, this time it really IS ALIVE!

This January when I looked at my last post I realized that it’s been an entire year since I promised myself and any readers that I would be returning to the Lone Sheep’s exploration of the human condition. AN ENTIRE YEAR.

But it’s all right. The point is that I’m here Now. I haven’t abandoned this inquiry into human consciousness because it’s actually an inquiry into one’s own self – one’s own condition. Though I have failed to document my struggle for the past year. I can’t live in the world I’ve been conditioned to live in because one has witnessed first hand, if only for a few moments, the insane asylum we call ‘mind’. Even if one hasn’t been able to witness first hand from moment to moment, it’s no longer possible to go back.

In short, the return of the Lone Sheep was inevitable, no matter the end result.

The blog now has a new Voice which approaches self inquiry in a slightly different way – a more practical way. How does one inquire? If there’s no formula, no path, then how can one write about it, talk about it? The answer is that one can’t talk about Truth, but one can talk about the struggle to realize Truth – the practical struggle of realizing WHAT IS.

In the Near Future:

I’ve also realized the importance of inviting those who are interested in “Know[ing] Thyself” to participate in the conversation in a more direct way. A post will be published weekly each Friday morning beginning on Friday, April 4th, (yes, 2014). Once everything is running smoothly I would like “guest bloggers” to join us by writing about their own struggle to free themselves from the conditioned mind. I would love to hear from anyone who is seriously pursuing the un-pursuable Present Moment – the only ‘way’ to enlightened living, inner peace, and ultimately, complete freedom from the petty ego through a total shift in consciousness.

Along the way we will also be inviting people to add to the poetry page and the quotes page, and without any more predetermined plans the blog will evolve as needed through our dedication to remaining present from moment to moment.

Life is not what we think it is because we are not who we think we are. So “who am I?” Let’s find out together and truly come ALIVE!