She complained she is missing him. I wondered as to how she can miss him unless she was projecting his presence ‘there’.

All projections take place in the domain of ‘there’, in an assumed space, and in assumed time, even when the space and time is projected from the dead time, recorded in our memory bank. And, not strangely, all projections are assumptions of mind which prejudices us with an assumption that it’s ‘fact’. The assumed ‘fact’ is that she is missing him.

Being ‘there’ isn’t being. Being means being here, not just in space but in the continuum of the physical space-time. ‘There’ doesn’t dwell ‘here’. And ‘here’ can’t be projected. It metamorphose into ‘there’ when projected. Here IS, Being’s dwelling place. And IS isn’t an assumption.



I cannot live a moment before or a moment after


She had claimed- based on her experience (and not assumption)- that he is ever present inside her, in a perpetual fusion. And I believe this isn’t her projection as I sense him in that amalgamation, wondering where he begins and where she ends. I have failed to separately identify her from him, unless, their inflated petty ego’s walk out of their shells, adopting defensive postures, attacking each other using words as weapons, blowing up non issues into big issues to determine who is right. Well, such a conflicting state doesn’t last. Realization of their follies percolate in soon and they are back in their perennial oneness.


Time by cea


I know I am here, when I am.

He knows he is here, when she is here. They both know ‘here is real’. And this reality brings them alive, turned unreal into real.

So, how could she miss him if she is here, if she is real?

This isn’t a question I am posing her. This is the deduction we have arrived at, every time after her temporary bout with ‘missing’ him.

Yes, the FACT is that he is very much present when she is present. (they both confirm this fact besides my own SENSING of the fact). She is very much present when he is present. In her absence she misses him because she misses herself. This is equally applicable to him.

This is equally applicable to all of us.

Let’s not miss ourselves so as to not miss the other.


“When you children peel a tangerine, you can eat it with awareness or without awareness. What does it mean to eat a tangerine in awareness? When you are eating the tangerine, you are aware that you are eating the tangerine. You fully experience its lovely fragrance and sweet taste. When you peel the tangerine, you know that you are peeling the tangerine; when you remove a slice and put it in your mouth, you know that you are removing a slice and putting it in your mouth; when you experience the lovely fragrance and sweet taste of the tangerine, you are aware that you are experiencing the lovely fragrance and sweet taste of the tangerine. The tangerine Nandabala offered me had nine sections. I ate each morsel in awareness and saw how precious and wonderful it was. I did not forget the tangerine and thus the tangerine became something very real to me If the tangerine is real, the person eating it is real. That is what it means to eat a tangerine in awareness.”

(Buddha – Picked up from ‘ Old Path White Cloud’ by Thich Nhat Hanh)