This blog was envisaged by Rula Mazigi to document her perceptions, impressions and glimpses she had from time to time, the mind translating the glimpses into words and the words knocking her doors. Mostly, she lost them in the clamor and hubbub of various voices inside and outside of her. But whenever her situation provided her with conducive space and time, she wrote and posted here on the blog.

Needless to say, a Lone Sheep is alone even amidst the crowd. The crowd and its peculiar psyche is what turns a sheep into a Lone Sheep. The Lone Sheep suddenly finds herself at a cross road. A rebel is born who questions, and every question brings her back to a cross road. In lonesomeness the Lone Sheep becomes a perennial seeker, and in the process starts growing a Third Eye. This Eye doesn’t See through any spec nor is conditioned to look at things within the bounds of the prejudiced mind. This Eye actually Sees metaphysically.

The Lone Sheep doesn’t suffer from loneliness because loneliness is her companion. The Lone Sheep’s individualism is what makes her distance herself from the herd. This individualism helps her see the crowd psychology which, to her horror, is self defeating.

I See My Non Seeing I See

Apparently, we are not ONE self, but many selves – a Legion –  whose collective identity is divided into many contradicting entities each with its own fears, beliefs, feelings, moods, and justifications.

Chronicle of a Lone sheep has been silent for quite some time now, but the war that our ONE and ONLY Intending Self wages against the legion has yet to be won – has yet to be silenced. The voice of the Lone sheep is the creative act of a warrior searching for peace.

2014-10-11 13.05.44Now yet another Lone Sheep, Ashok Sharda, has decided to give company to the lone walker, Rula Mazigi, to give new life to this blog. This “new” companion Voice is actually a Peaceful Warrior writer who has not only contributed to the genesis of the Lone Sheep since its inception, but was the one who gave clarity to the Sheep’s lost inner explorer. In a sense, this “new” Voice is the sole reason for the existence of this blog, and as such is not at all new.

The companionship of two lone sheep doesn’t turn two individuals into a crowd. The Crowd is a name of a psychology. A crowd is a crowd because it refuses to see beyond the conditioning and prejudices of the common beliefs of the crowd. Here the Lone Sheep realizes that one is plural and all paths are opinions. The Lone Sheep endeavors to attain this inner unity, call it Oneness or if you like – Nirvana. In all his/her behavior patterns the Lone Sheep is pro life.

Ashok Sharda and I are breathing new life into Chronicle of a Lone Sheep. We are here to continue journaling our struggle to become our Intending Self. We have also added a new creative feature to the website, because we feel that without creativity and suffering, self realization is rare, if not impossible.

Most importantly, however, the discourses of the Lone Sheep are thinking processes that intend to transcend the natural sleepwalking state which plagues humankind and strips them of true Will and creativity. Chronicle of a Lone Sheep is a record of the authors’ attempts to traverse the pathless path to WAKEFULLNESS and to realize the true meaning and potential of LIFE.

We have created a new page called “Creative Submissions” in which people (currently only 18 and over) can submit their poetry and/or drawings and paintings. Each week one poem and one painting/drawing will be chosen and showcased on the corresponding “Gallery” Pages.

Recognition Ceremony

We have not forgotten about the beings with the most potential for openness and creativity – children. Soon, we will include a Creative Submission page for those under the age of 18 to submit their poetry and paintings as well. In addition to adding these Creative Submission pages, we have plans of adding a forum for discussing all matters pertinent to the main subject of the blog – the inner growth of human beings.

Chronicle of a Lone Sheep is also looking forward to the contribution of guest bloggers. These posts will appear on the main page of the blog, just as our weekly posts appear.

We hope that this new incarnation of the Chronicle of a Lone Sheep will become a diverse platform for writers and artists who are on a serious search for meaning beyond the ups and downs of their daily lives, which includes an endeavor to simplify the needless and complex rantings of the mind. We look forward to receiving creative submissions as of the date of this post, and welcome all potential Lone Sheep as part of this family dedicated to walking the pathless path to genuine Freedom.