I have picked up a simple issue to use my writing tool on. Realities, as such, are simple yet they do not seem so in our common belief system. Moreover, ‘simple’ exists because there exists ‘hard’. What looks simple to one feels hard to many.

The other day one of my Christian friend claimed (nothing new or unique) that Christianity is the greatest religion. He was so right; his ‘rightness’ rest in the fact that he was a Christian. And in our common belief system, a Christian is a Christian because one is born in a Christian family, barring exceptions. He became Christian at a formatory time of his life when he didn’t know what Christianity is or what ‘belief’ meant. He also didn’t know how to read or write. As a matter of fact he didn’t choose to be a Christian because he had no idea of any concept of ‘choice’. How could he evaluate a religion as the greatest in the wake of the preceding facts?

Ironically, when dealing with the intricacies of reaching some one’s mind one just can’t speak ‘facts’ in any matter of factly tone while confronting the person with simple facts. Perplexed by this ‘fact’, I said- ‘Well, the other day one of my Muslim friend said- ‘Islam is the greatest’.

He kept quiet. I knew why.

‘My father believed Hinduism was the greatest and so my grandfather’- I added to make him see what I wanted to make him see.

‘God chose me to be a Christian’- this time he came up with his answer.

I wasn’t prepared to give up on him yet.

‘Well, God chose my Muslim friend to be born as Muslim. Isn’t it; if I go by your argument?’

‘But he has a choice to become Christian.’- My friend argued.

‘What chance? What choice you or he has to become Christian or a Muslim. He may come up with the same argument and claim you have a choice to become a Muslim. After all, as a Muslim if you believe Jesus to be son of God, you are bound to end up in hell. And without believing in this ‘fact’ he can’t become a Christian. Why would he give up his belief and walk into hell?’

‘He will go to hell if he doesn’t believe Jesus is son of God.’- he insisted a little vehemently.

‘He might pity you for not being chosen by Allah for being born as a Muslim, believing that you will go to hell because of this very fact. He is a nice man.’


He kept quiet. I furthered my argument- ‘Besides, this was Gods choice before it could be yours. But it seems the almighty chose toss of coin to determine who should be a Christian or a Muslim or Hindu or be born in any other religion.’

‘No he chose who should be a Christian and who would be a Muslim and so on.’

‘Did he follow any criteria? Or was it just his whim? If you believe in that grossly misunderstood concept of ‘Karma’ then it’s not the God who decides but your previous karmas. God has no role to play here.’

He decided to keep mum.

‘How about the Buddhists who don’t even have the concept of God?’

‘They will all go to hell’- he pronounced with finality.

‘What if there were no religions in the world? What if we had not chosen our Gods?’

I felt good that he failed to fathom my observation disguised as questions. He said- ‘There would always be chosen people in a covenant with God.’

Oh! Yes,’- jokingly I said to penetrate his mind-‘God, after all, can’t choose every one of us so as to ascertain that heaven isn’t overcrowded. Some will have to go to hell.’

‘Well, yes, you can say so.’

I decided to speak straight this time.

‘Imagine if He didn’t exist, if we had not chosen him, we will need no heaven. Our earth will turn into heaven where there will be no enmity between ‘man’ and that poor reptile or any animal species. Why shouldn’t we send HIM to hell, once and for ever? He will find a good company with his old time angels Lucifer and Beelzebub and many more.


From hell to hell- by Flu

I was anticipating a hard punch on my mouth. My aunt once did deliver one reacting to my, what she termed as, ‘blasphemy’. He didn’t do any such thing. But he did say- ‘You will go to Hell’ and left in a huff.

I yelled after him- ‘you know it or not, this idiotic creation, created by your man-created-god-created man-god is what seems to me as a virtual hell. Isn’t it ample clear from the very words genesis commences depicting His creation.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and earth” (And in the beginning) “Now the earth was formless and empty.” And then he decided to fill this earth- read hell- with legless, two legged, four legged and multi-legged animal species. Don’t doubt your scripture, you might land in hell’

I don’t know if he heard me. Only insanes can hear me, I believe.

Those who have ears let them hear.