Last week’s post received two comments which I would like to address in two separate blog posts. This week’s post is based on a thought provoking comment made by Eddy on the post “Life is but an Anxious Dream – Wake Up!” Eddy is a fellow seeker who blogs here.

Let me begin by saying that I sense, innately, that only ONE TRUTH can possibly exist. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has this sense. In fact, almost all human beings innately (if not consciously) recognize the fact that there can only be ONE SOURCE (no matter how unfathomable) of all that IS. Even most physicists, if they ever succeed in proving String Theory to be “The Theory of Everything” (or as Einstein put it, “The mind of God“), would have to stop at the question, “Where did the theory come from?” Which is to say, “What was the first cause? The causeless effect?”

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Eddy suggests that although he and I are both seeking conscious spiritual evolution, we “think in different spheres.” Here’s how he puts it:

“You are in the Eckhart sphere. Ego is the cause of suffering and you want to be completely present in the now…so that you can finally end the suffering. I’m in an adjacent but slightly different sphere. I’ve been trying to unite the eternal twos; classic and romantic, yang and yin, masculine and feminine, brain and heart, ego and universal consciousness, left and right hemispheres. In this sphere I try to look scientifically at spiritual teachings and look spiritually at scientific facts.”

Actually, I don’t feel that we’re in two different spheres at all. We have different approaches which, if anything, run parallel to each other. No matter what I feel or think or believe, and no matter how I approach, the Truth (Source/First Cause/God/Word) simply IS. The main reason that I use the “dream” metaphor (an ancient analogy) to describe what I see as “my reality” is that I can’t actually prove that what I see, hear, touch, taste, think or feel is true. The only ONE Truth that I know for sure and which is self evident is that I AM. That is to say, whatever I experience might be a dream, but the fact that there is an experience – the fact that I’m conscious – can’t be denied.

(Photo Credit: Melissa (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

(Photo Credit: Melissa (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

This means that I’m not ultimately concerned whether what I see is real or not. It’s obvious that an ant will see a tree differently than I see it, and a moth will experience time differently than I experience it. I can measure and analyse, and philosophize all I want (and I have), but in the end the only truly provable fact is that consciousness exists. Therefore, I don’t have to dismiss my experience of physical reality as a “dream”. (Did I confuse anyone for a minute there?) I know it sounds paradoxical but it’s not.

Eddy mentions Jill Bolte Taylor‘s book “My Stroke of Insight” as an example of how his approach differs than mine. But Jill’s story on the physical plane isn’t at all in conflict with the “Eckhart sphere”. In fact, it’s quite in alignment with it. But first, if you don’t know who Dr. Taylor is or what happened to her, let’s roll her now famous “tape” which took place on the TED stage in February of 2008:

Eddy mentions that “The book confirmed a lot of my old ideas. This duality is all in our head. It’s basically the two brains we have…When you talked about completely letting go of your ego and living in the moment, I felt it to be wrong because you can enjoy for a few moments but how can you live like that through out your life? Jill Bolte Taylor…experienced nirvana by accident….It was beautiful but had she remained like that forever, we would have never known about it. Because in that state she was like a newborn. Incapable of even lifting her head let alone write a book.”

It’s probably a common assumption to say that if one doesn’t ‘think’ then one is going to be “a very blissful vegetable”. But why should we assume that? Besides, there’s a big difference between not thinking, and not being capable of thinking. It’s true that an infant’s left hemisphere is not yet developed. The left hemisphere is yet to learn how to conceptualize the world and form belief systems that center around the idea of “I” using language which creates the illusion of time. But this doesn’t mean that a “fully matured” brain (a misnomer because the brain is capable of structural changes) can’t learn to give thought its right place without having to give it up completely.

In reading Dr. Taylor’s book and seeing this talk as well as an interview with Oprah, I’m confident that what she’s suggesting is not that we can “live in the moment…[only if we] kill our left brain completely”, but that it’s possible to develop the right hemisphere so that the brain is capable of using thought only when it’s required. Right now most human minds have an almost constant stream of thought running through their heads. We don’t think thoughts intentionally do we? Hardly. More than 95% of the time thought simply happens to us, and just as often it’s the same old thought patterns repeating themselves over and over again.

The physical manifestations of the one Truth or Source may be a dream in the sense that forms are utterly transient and impermanent, which the Source can’t be. But the physical form, particularly the brain in human beings, has a higher purpose than simply existing for a little while. The brain is an instrument, a potential receiver which, if properly tuned, can tap into its original Source (ie: consciousness itself which, as we discussed earlier, is the only provable Truth as far as I’m concerned). This is my interpretation of Jill’s assertions.

Photo Source - Allan Ajifo (CC BY 2.0)

Photo Source – Allan Ajifo (CC BY 2.0) – Image Credit: About Modafinil

In different words, this is also what Eckhart Tolle, J. Krishnamurti and biochemist Joe Dispenza have suggested. In fact, Jill uses a muscle metaphor to explain that the left hemisphere is like a muscle which has been overdeveloped, while the right hemisphere has remained severely underdeveloped. She suggests that it’s possible to exercise the right hemisphere ‘muscle’ so that it surpasses the dominance of the left, allowing us to become totally “conscious of consciousness” (Eckhart Tolle) while not losing the left hemisphere’s ‘muscle memory’. J. Krishnamurti suffered from severe headaches which he attributed to a physical change or mutation in the cells of the brain:

I think that with the ending of a certain direction, the ending of a movement that has been going on for thousands of years, there is at that moment an insight that brings about a change, a mutation, in the brain cell. (J. Krishnamurti Online © 2014)

I won’t go into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s findings in any detail in this blog piece but will leave you with a quote which relates directly to Eddy’s very well stated and balanced approach of trying “to look scientifically at spiritual teachings and look spiritually at scientific facts”:

One of my favorite things to do is to demystify the mystical. I love to take abstract concepts and begin to use science as the contemporary language of mysticism – to make it practical enough that every single person has at their very fingertips the ability to apply it to some aspect of their life. (Dr. Joe Dispenza © 2013 Encephalon, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

Last but certainly not least, I would like to convey my many thanks to Eddy’s kind, thoughtful and well written response to my last post. He seems to be a genuinely concerned seeker of the Truth and I would like to end this blog piece with his own wise words which I find to have great merit:

It is our responsibility to create a better world. A world where the masculine and feminine are balanced. Where left and right brains are both equally strong…The solution is to master our brain and teach it to balance itself.