Somebody once told me that the solution to all problems of living comes down to “taming the mind”. The word ‘taming’ conjured images of ‘domestication’ and ‘discipline’ in my mind. But what is ‘discipline and domestication’ as it pertains to the enlightenment of the mind – to awareness itself? Is the mystery that is Life present only in what is seen, or is it the unseen that is most essential? Of course it’s all about establishing definitions. Oh! How foolish it is to unravel the mystery of boundless awareness by attempting to bind consciousness. To ‘tame’ is to “establish ties”… but has not the mind already established enough ties? And what happens to “me” if all “my ties” are undone? Am I the ties that my mind has created? In which case, the undoing of those ties shall be the death of ‘me’…

“What is essential is invisible to the eye” (The Little Prince). Yes, I’ll begin here. An Enigmatic man once spoke these words into my ear, “To ‘tame’ is ‘to grow wild.” This seemingly ‘new’ definition broke a boundary within my mind, expanding the realm of ‘my experience’ (my psychological ties), to simple unadulterated Experience. I SAW the Truth behind the words: to tame is to grow wild what has been tamed, as taming is nothing more than creating a dependence, an association which gives birth to the feeling of belonging ‘there’ but not here, and the fear of losing the ties that one has established only in the mind. The children of dependence and fear are the concepts of ‘lack’ and ‘desire’ – the future mothers and fathers of ‘suffering’.

So I change my approach and definition of ‘taming’.  The mind is inadvertently tamed almost from the moment of birth, inundated by impressions from every corner of the nursery – name, gender, appearance, family, religion, tradition, nationalism – ties upon ties tied to ties. Impressions and their associations snake their way deep into the subconscious mind establishing a root system as tough, old and complex as the universe itself. I must ask, is this a conscious taming? Have I had any real part in the formation of the thick complex root system that I call “my thoughts”?

Branches of the Mind - WRiggsBrown

(Photo Credit: “Branches of the Mind” by WRiggsBrown)

That which is essential is invisible to the eye because the eye is a slave of the mind – a giant labyrinth of deep rooted associations taking me from fear to fear, longing to longing, and suffering to suffering. But what if I “tame the mind to grow wild”? What if, instead of tying, I untie? Unravel? Uproot? What if every Act remains uninfluenced and spontaneous on every level – independent of all happenings, of all associations, of all ties?

What appears now as ‘thought’ depends not upon what has disappeared a moment before. It is only because of the memory bank of the human mind that new thoughts are taken to be old ones, and what is old is firmly rooted in the same illusion from which it appeared. But the fact is that every thought is new despite the same old associations which bring it to the fore. Unfortunately, if one isn’t Aware, the mind will steal the thought away from You, hold the greedy root in its hand and take every bit of potential energy from the ‘new’ in order to revive the ‘old’. Thus, “I” react. Again.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

(Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

In the vast abandon of the universe (and it is with great abandon that the universe unfolds), one particle 100,000,000 light years away from another particle, gently unites itself with the other, removing all space the imagination might construe. The act is indeed spontaneous and doesn’t take any time. Despite all the space-time between them, the two particles simultaneously hold hands, making use of a loophole in the space-time continuum.

Skepticism raises her head. “A loop hole in the space-time continuum? Really?”

No, not really. You see it’s just a way of speaking, because how and where and when and even why they simultaneously become ONE is beyond the realm of imagination. Beyond the realm of measurement, and supposition. Beyond the perceivable laws of the Universe. Beyond the greatest explanations in the history of all explanations, and therefore, beyond the intellect of the common man who has “grow thousands of roses…[yet]…find…[not]…what they are looking for” (The Little Prince). What they are looking for is in plain site, for the water in the desert is hidden only because one walks away from one’s self in search of the deep well which actually lies within. I am that well.

“That sounds absolutely complicated. You are making life more difficult for yourself with all this nonsense. Discipline the mind and you discipline your external world. Organize your mind and you will find order in the external world – you will find yourself in control of what can be controlled.”

Control? Only my approach to Life is in my control, and even this approach is limited by all the taming – all the ties within which conditioning has me bound. The external world is both without and within me, for there exists a window amidst space-time which reveals the Oneness of all that IS and IS NOT. The window, however, doesn’t exist WITHIN space or time, but inside and outside simultaneously. You see, for the window there is no such thing as ‘outside’ or ‘inside’, because the window is a slit of Void. In a sense, the window doesn’t even exist at all, or another way of saying it is: No thing actually exists but the window. You see?


“No. And this show is a little grotesque.”

Well, if you take it as show. I suppose that’s how it may appear to you. Still, this Window – this Void – turned out to be the ONE – that which is most essential, constant, and unseen.

“The ONE? The unifying element? The Theory of Everything!?”

Yes! Except it’s not a theory. I Saw. Two Particles millions of light years across the space-time continuum met through this window of Notime. From inside to inside. It was a meeting because they were forms – things. Life carried their body’s (the body, a shell, falls away when life ceases to carry it). But the Union itself is ‘out of time’. May I ask what has ‘tied’ them together, for they have no knowledge of each other as such, and thus no visible need of each other.

“Yet they unite spontaneously, timelessly, without the ties of history stringing them together?”

Yes, because despite the millions of light years of space between them and the time it would take to travel such distances, the moment of their union was the moment of a singular realization independent of the mind’s complex system of association:

The present moment does not exist in time, therefore, there is no separation between them – no gap – no space or time – no darkness. Only the Light that is the window of their spontaneous discovery vibrates in Aliveness. Both in Being – both existing in the “Now” – uniting them in the most intimate way possible. For what is more intimate than Knowing one’s self as the other?

“But if there are no ties there can be no death, and death is a must! Unless…life and death are one and the same, hand in hand…how can there be a connection without any connection?! How can one live and die without the birth and death of a tie!?”

The most intimate relationship is not measured by the smallest gap between two separate entities, but by the smallness of the gap between ‘me’ and Myself. By closing the gap between the body (in space) and the mind (in time), the space of knowledge (riddled with paradoxes in its bifurcated state) disappears into Knowing (without doubt or conflict). For once I recognize myself as ONE, there is nothing (and no one) left to Know, for all Life and its infinite forms are connected. One is not in conflict because there is no ‘other’ to oppose. As such no knowledge stands to be gained nor lost  amidst the constant “Knowing Element” (Rupert Spira) of all that is in flux.

Discipline is this. Domestication is this. You have to grow ‘wild’ in order to tame your mind, for your mind is a tame place – a place bound by certain laws of nature. Bound by definitions and associations. To tame it is to break those laws, boundaries and associations with the laws of Nature one never realized existed. A birth is the effect of a cause, as is the death of what has been born. But what is the cause of Life itself? Where does one find the very first tie to LIFE? Can Life ever be an effect of ‘establishing the first tie’ or must it be totally and completely independent of any first cause – any first tie?

No, the Window is here in the Now, and so are the two particles unified from moment to moment in continuity. They ARE the Window through which they See: Disciplined, domesticated. Untamed from their taming, untied from their ties. From two they Become One, None, and All. Life is Awareness – Realizing the death of all established ties.