Sitting at the beach I watch swarms of people swim, play, and enjoy the carefree atmosphere of leisure that the season of summer seems to carry. There is a group of young women sitting close by on their beach towels. They sun themselves silently, each one lost in her own thoughts. It occurs to me in that moment that each woman IS her thoughts. That is, the one who thinks cannot separate her Self from the thought. There is no neutral observer who watches the thinker think. Yet if you ask the woman point blank, she will invariably tell you that she and her thoughts are separate entities.

When I am thinking I become my thoughts, the thoughts of which I am wholly unaware. The thoughts in which I am carried away, lost, unconscious. I am not this. Nor am I that. Simply, I AM. The wind begins to blow strongly, sending particles of sand flying against our bodies. These sands are a metaphor to me. They are lifted by the wind depending upon their position. They ride it in seemingly random patterns, intersecting here and there with each other, with our bodies, and with our surroundings. Each path is a link, a chain of cause and effect. In addition, each chain intersects here and there with other chains, again seemingly random, subject to the laws of nature.

We are like these particles of sand blowing in the wind, meeting each other externally, superficially. Each particle is separate from the other. Each has its own path, its own speed, its own motion and momentum. We separate, we collide. We separate once again, and in these collisions we believe we have a choice, a WILL. In this moment it is clear to me that this is not a fact but a fallacy. I am not a particle of sand, nor are you the ‘other.’ The Truth transcends us both. WE are the beach. WE are ONE. But as long as I perceive my Self as separate from yours, the wind will carry me along at her own will, and all the while I shall claim “I am FREE.”

Such is the plight of humanity who so vehemently believes in the particle without ever realizing the potential of the beach which exists NOW as ONE, ever Present, Lasting.

And so I stand where the water meets the sand, where the ocean meets the sky, and I think not to think…

A Thought Clung to an “I” and Said – “I”

by Ashok Sharda

A thought
Clung to me
And said -‘I’.

A thought
Disguised in an I
Thought it thought.

A thought
Thought a thought
An observing I observed
An observing I.

A thought
Which thought a thought
Clung to the thought
Which thought
The I, observing the observing I.

A thought
Which thought
Clung to the thought
Which thought
The I, observing the observing I
Clung to the thought
Which thought – I AM
And came into existence
A thought “I AM”.

I AM is real


 Copyright © 2011 Ashok Sharda