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Inspiration can come from the strangest places. I have to give a shout out to my Dad who, upon hearing what I was instantaneously inspired to write about, looked at me skeptically and asked, “Isn’t that veering off your subject a little bit?”

Veering of subject? How can that be!? When you inquire into Life do you inquire into a piece of it, a small shred, a corner? No, to Live is to inquire into the whole as well as the sum of its layers and dimensions. You then realize that no piece is disconnected from the whole, and no whole is independent of its pieces – but how and when do you realize this fact? (That the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is another story.)

Okay Dad, I think I gave you a little synopsis in the very moment of revelation, but an office setting isn’t exactly the most inspiring or appropriate place for such conversations (or is it?). Not to mention that when the mind is on the work, the work is on the mind. So without any further ado, (and believe me I have no idea what I’m about to write), I present fruit born of a seemingly ‘strange’ tree…but is it?

Of course not. There’s no such thing as ‘strange’ when it comes to the whole of Life. But when it comes to looking at parts – that’s when the bizarre, the unusual, the unfathomable and downright insane come into play. Reducing one’s inquiry into the whole by fixating on a single fragment creates a fragmentation of the inquiry itself, spawning innumerable disciplines through which man seeks to understand Life, Death, and ultimately, himself – theology, math, science, history, language, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and all the rest – a broken picture.

Let me preface the retelling of my observations with a disclaimer that I don’t actually have all the facts. What I do have, however, is my observation and it’s upon this observation that I’m basing my assumptions as well as my deductions. Either way, I feel that it comes down to laws which are universal, at least to our little corner of the cosmos. (Did I say corner? Hahaha – don’t worry, “as above, so below“, just not from any corner’s perspective) So whether or not I have all the facts doesn’t make much difference because where a universal law is concerned any story can be told. This article just happens to be “based on a true story.”

The Story in Brief (Names have been changed to protect the innocent):

This story is about the first breakdown of my HVAC unit. I’m not sure where I got Bobby’s name but when he answered the phone he didn’t say “Allsure HVAC can I help you?”, like most other companies who advertise would. All I got was a simple, “Hello?” Still, not long after my call he promptly arrived at our doorstep.

It turned out to be a minor problem – a quick, easy, and cheap fix. But the point is that Bobby actually told us that. Hmm. His second visit was much the same, so naturally Bobby became our “HVAC guy”.

Fast forward to two months ago at the office speaking with Kyle from small business company Smithson HVAC: “Yeah, it’s leaking badly (true), and it needed 4 pounds of freon (true), but I’ve never heard of a quick fix spray product (no?), and 4 pounds of freon is $650 (really?), and actually you need a new unit (true) and there really isn’t any other option (false). We’ve cleaned the filters etc. (we later found out no, you didn’t), and unfortunately your warranty doesn’t cover this unit (you mean this 20 year old unit whose warranty ended 18 years ago Sherlock?)…etc etc.”

After Kyle left, my co-worker shook his head and said, “Why don’t you call Bobby? See if he services commercial units.”

“How do you know about Bobby?”

“Oh, he’s your brother’s residential HVAC guy. He said you gave him the number a few years back.”

Soon after leaving Bobby a message on his voice-mail I went in to talk to the president of the company, my father. I told him of my intention to ask “Bobby” to service our HVAC and was about to tell him my experience with him when he interrupted saying, “Bobby? You mean Bobby of Allsure HVAC?”

“You know him?”

“Yes, I had Smithson HVAC servicing my house last year and they tried to rob me blind. I got Bobby’s number from you or your brother and I was very happy with the job he did and his price seemed fair. So now he’s my HVAC guy at home.”

Needless to say, Bobby got the service contract for our company.

Karma and The Law of Attraction at a Glance

The moment my father questioned the subject of my potential blog piece was a moment of instant clarity. Bobby was attracting customers – it was the Law of Attraction operating within the Law of Karma.  Many books, both ancient and modern, explore these laws and their interrelationship. Ever since “The Secret” came out, however, the Law of Attraction has particularly received what I believe to be “much ado about nothing“. It’s not that the law isn’t powerful, but my experience is that one tends to attract what one IS which means that the Law of Attraction, by and large, does not operate on a conscious level, though many have tried to use it consciously. Essentially, the misunderstanding is that if one focuses one’s thoughts on the things one wants to manifest (health, wealth, happiness) those things will come. But realistically, conscious thought accounts for less than 10% of all thinking, whereas subconscious and unconscious thoughts make up the bulk (over 90%). Therefore, if one attracts what one IS, and what one IS depends upon what one thinks, and what one thinks 90% of the time is not conscious but unconscious…well, you do the math.

Karma, another frequently misunderstood law, is usually viewed as the ‘boomerang’ effect of energy. A good (or bad) intention vibrates with a quality and frequency that, in this lifetime or the next, returns to the doer in like measure. “My Name is Earl” is an example of a recent American T.V comedy series which bases its story around the Law of Karma. Earl, believing that all of his ‘bad luck’ is due to his history of mistreating people, decides to make a list of all those he has wronged so as to find a way to make it up to each of them. Earl believed that each wronged person who truly forgave him would earn him the good karma needed to negate the bad karma he had accumulated.

My Name is Earl – Season 2 – Clip – Intro by MyMovies_International

In my experience, the Law of Karma is the more general/larger law from within which the Law of Attraction works. To say it simply, the Law of Karma is basically the Law of Cause and Effect. At any given moment, what exists now is a result of an unimaginable chain of cause and effect. The details of this chain are beyond the scope of the human intellect not only because the chain includes the entire history of human consciousness and yes, the Universe itself, but because there are other laws which impact the chain (for example, the Law of Accident, the Law of Boredom, Probabilty, Uncertainty, etc. etc.).

There are other chains which can intersect and change the path and form that a particle takes in the Now. All chains, however, are similar in that they have established a pattern which has gained a certain momentum. The fact that the chain continues to manifest from cause to effect (link to link) over time can be called a ‘reincarnation’ or ‘rebirth’ of that pattern intersecting with other natural Laws that are equally indeterminable, yet cyclical.

The law that Earl tries to use for his own gain is not Karma, but the Law of Attraction, which says that “what you are you attract.” The question is, “who or what are you?” Are you what you think consciously or are you, to a much larger degree, what you think subconsciously? Although Earl feels ‘good’ each time he helps a person he has wronged in the past, his innermost desire is not to help others, but to help himself.

It is this subconscious desire, and not the conscious desire to help others, which will have the greatest impact on what Earl “attracts”. This means that Earl’s “karma” isn’t likely to change unless he consciously transcends the law, or the law is “accidentally” intercepted by another universal law that causes the chain to fork.

I don’t know what Bobby’s true (subconscious) intentions are, but I do know that the Law of Attraction is always in play, and the Karmic Law within which it exists is the unknowable yet cyclical variable in any chain leading up to the form which this very moment takes.

The Law of Inspiration

Photo Credit - Matthew Fang (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo Credit – Matthew Fang (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In contrast to the Karmic Law and the Law of Attraction is what I believe to be the Law of Inspiration (this phrase is just my coinage). This law can also be called the Law of Clarity, the Law of Quality, the Law of Connectedness, the Law of Being, the Law of Seeing, the Law of Presence, the Law of Awareness, and even the Law of the Quantum Field (the Third Eye opens only for this Law). Any words will do because the words are not the Law.

What is clarity? It’s not a thing, it’s the emptying or clearing away of all things which have obscured one’s vision – Maya (the phenomenal world). In the instant that a fog clears the clarity (which is nothing) can take on a physical form. Clarity can take shape through words, clay, colors etc. – you run with your pen to the paper, you paint wildly with your brush on the canvas, or you furiously mold and sculpt your particular choice of ‘clay’. The Law of Inspiration is above both the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, and is responsible for any thing of quality and beauty in this world.

You may be saying to yourself, “But people disagree about what quality and beauty are. That’s why they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.” From what I see, that saying is only relevant in the superficial world of form. In a world of conditioned minds, a man doesn’t see what IS, he sees only himself.

Photo Credit: marcovdz (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo Credit: marcovdz (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The quality and beauty of any thing in the phenomenal world is obscured by the illusion that the physical world (Maya) is real and permanent. But if a person’s quality of presence is high, that person vibrates at the supreme frequency of Life itself (the Now), which is endlessly deeper than any phenomenon (or opinion). Essentially, a truly inspired creative movement takes on a shape of high quality and beauty, whether or not any observer agrees. Why? Because a fact is always a fact, whereas the observer’s view is subject to his conditioning. Remove the veil and he will see the fact, which is immutable.

This article was inspired by a moment of clarity (now a memory). My assessment of the two companies’ behaviors and manifested realities over time are based on intellectual observations. But the question my father posed as the mud in my mind began to settle created a ‘perfect storm’ that allowed the realization to leap from ‘potential’ to ‘discovery’.

Living is an art because art is a reflection of ones quality of Being. When one is present, all of Life’s potentials in the quantum field vibrate with possibility because these facts (potential no things) are no longer obscured. Therefore, Art is not created by man, but discovered by him.

Thank you Dad for being the inspiration for this internal moment of clarity.