“Civilized” citizens and “uncivilized” tribes alike beware! An ancient foe has crept its way into the lives of humanity through every gutter, every sewer, and every putrid man-made hole in existence, spreading a most horrific disease to all corners of this magnificent earth!

This fiend is an adversary as ancient as God and Satan themselves, part of a Legion of enemies so hell bent upon the destruction of mankind and his potential for a meaningful life that the very existence of humanity is NOW at stake!

Forest of Shadows

 Edgard Mazigi Art Gallery

Who is this great fiend you ask? What is this devil’s name? I tell you there is no time to waste with talk of names! The human species is faltering and you want names!? But for the sake of our cause I will give you the name of the head of this Legion and his minions because I don’t think we can move forward with a definitive plan of action without satisfying the need for naming. (Yes, we have to know our enemies though not just by name. We must know every garb in which they appear before us in disguise from sheep to wolf. We must know the parasites which infect us from within and without – contaminating us, polluting us, poisoning us with their lethal germs.)

This harbinger of death is a massive and dark power, an energy sucking vampire, a gruesome and vile villain who has gathered beneath him a small ring of equally ghoulish fiends to aid in his destruction of the human race once and for all! The beast’s arsenal of gremlins include the dreaded dullard called Lethargo, the impetuous psychotic Imp Atient, the seductive and venomous shape-shifter Mooderina, and last but certainly not least, the maniacal mangler and master escape artist, Addicto. These four demons make up The Legion of Mr. Borederom (aka the Legion of Then), a deadly and powerful energy draining force of mayhem moving in the time of ‘next’, headed by a dark and conniving Master whom they call Mr. Borederom.

(Image Source: RedEyesV)

Yes friends, it is Mr. Borederom who holds the reigns of these dark shadows, whipping them forth to do his bidding, each demon taking masochistic pleasure in the pain that Mr. Borederom inflicts upon them, each vile creature seeping into the deepest corners of the human mind to dine upon its portals of energy, to dine upon Life itself, leaving man with only fragments of sustenance, scrapes of energy which are hardly capable of sustaining LIFE, thus leading man to feed instead on the deadly infection which the Legion leaves behind.

One final detail, friends, citizens, civil and uncivil men and woman – this is indeed a Legion of shadows, non-existent yet powerful, angry, bitter, and vengeful. I tell you the great paradox is that the Legion of selves are never here NOW because they are nothing more than ghosts. As such these ghouls have no real power but what is granted them through the myth of belief in the time of “then”. But once they have infected the human brain they make zombies of man and this is the real fear that I have friends, this is the real warning!

Indeed, presently we are facing the actual Zombie Apocalypse which man has recently been sensing afoot, and which some underground forces have been preparing for, but which most of mankind scoffs at as “a silly bedtime story – a childish myth”. Friends, the Legion is no myth, but a band of ghouls kept alive and well by the gluttonous mind ever ready and willing to receive their infectious disease as though it were a piece of candy, claiming that giving the disease the name of ‘power’ or ‘pleasure’ will ensure that it is no disease but a gift of natural ‘goodness’ endowed only to humanity by the grace of God after whom they have been molded. Yes, the mind has mistaken these ghouls for friends since the beginning of time and this is the Legion’s greatest and most sinister power of all! There is a saying from Baudelaire‘s “Le Joureur genereux” which translates as “the devil’s best trick is to convince you that he doesn’t exist!” Please listen carefully: Mankind’s unconsciousness is the key to the Legion’s power.

Now tell me who will come to the aid of humanity against the Legion of Mr. Borederom? And when if not NOW will this hero Act against this ageless force of vampires?! Who will stand up with courage enough to face the Legion of Then, NOW?

There is only ONE hero that I know of who is capable NOW. There is only ONE unmasked avenger who has the courage to face the faceless Legion who are like a veil which seeks to envelop the entire earth with its life draining force of dullards. Stay tuned for the next installment dear civil and uncivil friends, for the unmasked avenger shall be revealed to you in all of his non-glory, and I hope that you pay close attention as this Being alone has the potential to SAVE MANKIND…