Pain is a struggle, and struggle is an adventure worth having. In a sense, struggle is the Truth, the basic nature of humanity, a struggle for refined survival defined by one’s own self. Of course, whether or not the coil which violently set the struggle in motion was man’s own will is a different matter all together. Or is it?

I wonder how “original” was man’s original sin? It was, I suppose, original in that man himself was original, the first of his kind. Man’s sin was also original in its creation of an opposing dynamic, that of ‘unoriginality’. Imagine, there was no pain, no struggle, no plight that plagued any plant, animal, or two specimens of humanity in that flawless garden of Origin. But it was man’s originality in considering betrayal which created the great divide between him and his Maker. It was this original thought which set forth in perpetual motion the division of his own self, a helpless shaping and reshaping, division and re-division of he and his mate’s minds into every possible pattern, rendering himself entirely unoriginal.

What a twist! How can it possibly occur to the original being that he is original? Really, can he conceive of unoriginality if he has no conception of comparison? Can he think to betray his Maker in an ideal situation where betrayal was never a fruit which hung on any visible tree? How silly! The place was rigged from the start I say! The thought was never original, nor the place wholly ideal. There was a crack in the pot from the start, a suggestion that planted into the mind of these poor creatures the idea of opposites. I know what you are going to say, “It was that blasted Serpent!” Oh but think back! The Serpent is not the actual origin of that original thought to betray, a thought which opposed the command…ah yes, here it is…the command NOT to betray.

Yes, someone commanded them NOT to betray. Betray? What is betrayal? Adam and Eve must have felt so puzzled when it was first made plain to them that they should stay clear of a certain Tree and its fruits. Originally, in that magnificent Garden, they had everything they could ever need. Therefore, there was no such projected desire, no such projected thought which manifested as a “want”. How could there be? Wants arise from the realm of comparison and judgment. It is the rotten fruit of comparison which causes me to falsely consider the absence of a thing, which causes me to ‘want’ what I ‘don’t have’ or ‘want not’ what ‘I do have’. Clearly there was no thing absent from this Original Garden, not even the maker Himself! You see, “want” is the very fruit which hung on that infernal tree. But let me say that this was no ordinary want. It was not a biological need, for example. It was not a need for food, water, or shelter. Rather, the fruit which hung from that dismal tree was the idea of need. The idea of need is a want which is quite a different fruit, rotten to the core though it appears so red and shiny. It is a realization of absence, not physical, but psychological. Not actual, but imaginary. This point of “want”, a pointless point ever shifting along imaginary scales,  was the hand which planted the original seed of that fourth human need: psychological belonging. Is belonging an actual need?

So, who planted the idea? Who planted the Tree? What was the origin of the original sin if not the suggestion of ‘absence’? What is a Will if there is no divide, if there is no opposite? It is, paradoxically, choicelessness to choose rightly every time. But if you plant a divisive suggestion then you are sure to divide. How can there be a ‘right’ side of the divide if there is no one on its wrong side? And this is called ‘man’s will…his freedom of choice”. Can’t they see that the poor fellow on the ‘wrong’ side reasons that he is right? Where is the authority which cannot be interpreted when the authority has placed interpretation on the table? Well there is room now for it! Room between “good” and “bad”, between “right” and “wrong.” There is room between “beautiful” and “ugly”, a whole room full of rooms! Shades between shades, divisions within divisions!

So Eve reasons, “Maybe he just wants the power all to Himself! I must be right!” The more naïve Adam may have thought, “Oh, my Maker is not so serious, he is a kind Maker and is just playing a game!” Ah yes! Now we have so much room to play with thought, to justify our behaviors. We have room now to consider the absence verses the presence of a thing. We have room to identify the self as having “gained” or “lost” in the false light of that presence or absence, as having “risen” or “fallen”, as having “succeeded” or “failed”. What an irony it is that all these rooms within rooms should actually cause the spaciousness of the Original Garden to diminish by such great proportions! Indeed, the infinite shades of possibility along the scales of duality have so limited the space within the Garden that those two poor unsuspecting creatures were practically squeezed right out of their fruitful land of milk and honey into the dark and dusty world of toil and suffering, the world of “good” and “bad”.

So I ask you again friends, “How original is man’s original sin? Who set into motion the mortal coil of suffering which has been called “Man’s Will” for so many millennia? How original is the seed of a man’s thought who himself has been planted? I ask you dear friends, what is the origin of Original Sin?”