Edgard Mazigi Art Gallery

This is how you remind me of what I really am. You can never BE ME, but you’re so seductive, so adept at fooling ME into feeling I am you. I’ve heard of the coming Zombie Apocalypse through the underground grapevine, esoteric channels so to speak. But what can some external underground force do to thwart the she devil taking hold of me then and there violating me, trying to stretch my skin over her shadow-body?

“It’s dark, Mooderina. You are dark and I want you dark.” I am indulging in the pain, enjoying her defilement of my intending self, the self which saw her reality a moment ago as she began to penetrate my pores.

My eyes become glassy and fixed, staring at nothing but a feeling as she rises within me, crawling at first, creeping…and suddenly she begins to expand, rising into a scorching frenzy of feverish apathy which both burns and numbs every pore of my being.

“I don’t care!” I shout out loud angrily, taking a swig from her bottle of disdain. “I’m going to empty this damn bottle tonight!”

Grinning maliciously, Mooderina settles in for the evening. She intends to walk in my skin for the night, stretching it left and right, creating tension, conflict, and if she’s lucky, causing downright pain and suffering. No, when Mooderina is dressed in your flesh she doesn’t mind getting a little banged up. In fact, this time she won’t come under any circumstance which doesn’t suit her thirst for despair. Yes I say THIS TIME. It so happens that Mooderina doesn’t ‘happen’ by except at a time when some other ghost of mine rises from her grave.

Oh Mooderina can sense the most subtle touch of the first fingers poking through the soil of the most distant burial ground. It’s then upon the gravedigger’s first movements that she tends to rise from her coffin, knowing that others from the Legion may soon arrive, as they too never happen to just ‘happen’ by without some cause of some effect of some cause. The dead awaken the dead and in the forest of shadows they perform their dance of death under the dark auspices of Mr. Borederom.

"In the Forest of Shadows"

“Yes, you know don’t you Mooderina!?”

She knows. Impressions can have more than just one association and it depends on her state upon awakening what ghost she will in turn awaken. I watch in disgust as this time it is the maniacal mangler and master escape artist Addicto, and in my skin they simply ravage each other like animals, shamelessly, viciously, violently.

“This is an ugly life. It’s meaningless. You are pathetic aren’t you? You talk some big talk and when it comes to walking you’re a damn cripple.” I spit venom on my own flesh and watch as it degenerates. I take another swig from her bottle of defilement, my breath stinking of dejection.

Mooderina and Addicto are laughing hysterically now. They laugh maniacally as they mangle each other, ensnared together aggressively within me, forcing the brutal union into a volcanic eruption, the seed born out of the fire paradoxically cold, hard, bitter. Oh the sadistic union has birthed the destructive seed of Despair from the dark pit that is Mooderina’s womb!

“Why even bother?” Despair whispers coldly. “Can you live in this cruel world? Are you having fun yet?”

I’m hypnotized for a while, infected by the birth of this destructive parasite created from my own flesh, forced upon me by this bewitching demon and her escapist companion.

Suddenly there is a stir, a distant echo from within – a Voice weak and malnourished, but alive – the Light attempting to RISE.

“Who are you?” the Voice says. “When and where?”

Suddenly I STOP. A thought appears before ME: “Crisis begets change and change begets LIFE.”

Despair grunts, kicking me in the stomach. “You’re there and then, you’re me!” he asserts perturbed!

But this time the inner Voice grows a little louder. Someone else is Present, who?

“You ARE” She whispers again still weak, but her warm tone is unwavering and steady in my ears.

“NOW is here” I suddenly Realize, then wonder, “But who is NOW?”

“YOU ARE” – this time the Voice whispers a little louder.

It’s the avenger! It must be the unmasked avenger rising from within! I have heard of her (but where did I hear of her, from whom?). In any case, I must seek her out, find out who she is and how she can help ME!

“She IS YOU” – Now it is an assertion.

I must find NOW, she will help me crush the infectious ravenous breeding Legion which has come to destroy mankind – this multiplying Legion within each of us. Yes, the Legion is not ONE, it is not only an overriding force penetrating our minds collectively.

The Legion is within each of us did you know that? Next time when you walk ask yourself who is the shadow which walks beside me? LOOK. SEE. Is this shadow mine? Is it ME?

Yes, we must destroy the Legion once and for all. I will search out this avenger NOW – She alone can remind me of who I really AM. I must find her before it’s too late.