The title of this piece of writing may sound strange and paradoxical but not to those whose approach to life is metaphysical. To me, it’s a path which shall lead me to my destination..

Basically, it’s little intricate to comprehend the concept of ‘notime’ unless, of course, one has traversed into it unwalked or at least, have had a glimpse of those ‘spaces in time’ which appears before us when we, somehow manage to liberate ourselves from the clutches of time.

In Sanskrit ‘Kaal’ is synonym of death and at the same time, it means physical time. This word sounds appropriate in both its meaning. Yes, what has a beginning on the scale of time has an end. But what if one walks into these spaces in time into some other dimension and never returns?

Logically, and more so, metaphysically, we know that everything in this universe is relative. What’s applicable on this dimension need not be effective on some other. I haven’t walk into this dimension yet, but I have had many glimpses of these spaces and a few momentary experiences standing at the threshold of this opening.

Legion by Den Beckman

Legion by Den Beckman

My experience of occasionally spending some time in these spaces says- Awareness dwells in notime, whereas mind’s behavior pattern is determined by time, as time is its begetter and its home. Paradoxically ‘I, the one I identify with as me is a product of mind, an ‘outsider’, in a sense from my minds point of view, considering the contradictory character traits of all the other selves my mind has produced in copulation with the impressions it gathered from its surrounding, These ‘I’s’ invariably speaks in first person.They have associated themselves with every person, every object, every sound, every shape outside of me, and with every mood, every desire, and every word, inside of me much before I came into existence. They have permeated every space and every time within and without. These selves, like an obedient arm of my mind, grabs me any place any time and assumes me, replace my voice. I become them like a man possessed and end up succumbing to their impulsive desires, a moment ago I had been battling with. I have seen enough of my begetter, its whims and command,  to continue living like its subject, It treats me like a rebel and lays traps to not let me be out of its clutches. It punishes me, torments me, and at times puts me in a cell. I feel suffocated here but only when I am conscious of the fact, when I am ‘me’.


Dancing Demons by Dave Lafontaine

The only safe place for me to be in is ‘notime’, where I can be ‘Me’. But Where do I find these ‘spaces of time’ to arrive at the doors of notime? In a hostile surrounding like this, one can very well imagine, how difficult it is for any sane being to walk away from the trap of its all invading, omnipresent mind.  As for body, believe me, it’s neutral. When it is ruled by mind it obeys mind. All the living cells follow the dictates of mind which uses chemicals to keep them under their command.

But when we are ‘aware’, it’s the awareness which is at command. At times, when we ‘sense’ beyond the normal sensing, know its commanded by ‘awareness’, This is the time we are standing at the threshold of no time,

How do I walk away? How do I make my ‘awareness’ my permanent seat when I have failed to enter this zone in any significant way with any lasting effect?

I found a methodology.We all know mind is a great wanderer by nature. It moves like a pendulum in both the directions, ‘assumed’ and ‘dead’. It grabs our attention and uses it as its vehicle. But, in its wandering from assumed to dead time it passes through this slit. This is the space we need to dislodge the mind from our ‘vehicle’, mount on it and before mind can send any of its ‘demons’  we should simply gallop through the slit into the domain of notime where situated is the seat of ‘awareness,’