(Photo Credit: Brian Smithson – “The Whisper”)

When I was little, someone close to me said – ‘B is our enemy.’

 The one close to me reinforced two internalized suggestions at the same time:

1. Everyone you identify as ‘my’ is your friend.
2. Everyone on the other side of this identification is your enemy.

When I grew up I thought:

‘My brother’ is on the side of ‘my’, as are my mother and sister and many more. My neighbors too, as long as they are not at loggerheads with my mother or sister or those who are on ‘my’ side. At a sports event I found my ‘my’ expanding, bringing the town in which I reside into the periphery of ‘my’, supporting ‘my team’ at the pitch of my voice in unison with my town folk, while the neighboring town folk were my opponents. Actually, that day a fist fight broke out between the friends and the enemies, between those on the side of ‘my’ and those one the other side. The fight between the two town folk was caused by a referee’s decision, and as a result of the fist fight that followed no rules of the game, some town folk needed first aid and one of my enemies was hospitalized.

The next day or may be the next month; the same year or perhaps the subsequent one, two ethnic groups fought using sticks and umbrellas, knives and petrol cans, injuring and killing enemies. Members of A’s group assaulted and killed B group members and vice versa. A was B’s enemy and B was A’s enemy.

(Photo Credit: Linda on Flickr – “Across Enemy Lines”)

Amidst this flared up ethnic war, a ‘friend’ of mine came to me and said – ‘They are bad. They are killers. They killed our people without any provocation. Join this holy war and let’s punish them. Let’s throw them on the other side of the border.’

I remembered that this ‘friend’ of mine had a close friend who belonged to the enemy. I asked him categorically – “How about ‘him’? Would you want us to throw ‘him’ on the other side of the border?”

“No,” – he replied immediately and without a hitch. “He is ‘my’ friend.”

Someone is some one’s friend. Someone is some one’s enemy. Why is ‘my’ so important to me?  Is it just the identification which turns a friend into foe? Will I kill a member of that group expanding my ‘I’, completing ‘my’ identification with everyone on this side? It wasn’t any one’s choice to inherit family, geographical, cultural or religious settings.

In any case, despite my conflicting thoughts, B remained ‘bad’ in my mind – my enemy until I met him in a ‘no man’s land’, face to face. We shook hands and held each other.

I looked into his eyes with my apparently two physical eyes and he, of course, did the same with his two eyes. I sensed him with parts of my body, touching and holding him, as he held me. We were Seeing, I believe, beyond the seeing of our conditioned eyes. We saw the reality or falsity of all that they said who brought us up and taught us, who made us eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and constantly reinforced the idea: “On this side of the border is a friend, on the other is ‘B’, your enemy.” These people, as such, are the carriers of the essence (real blue print of good and bad) they inherited from history and reverberated all their lives infecting the physical atmosphere causing to affect the psyche, called – Collective Consciousness (synonym of unconsciousness).

But the Third Eye saw red not as red, as the two eyes were used to seeing. I saw green. I saw all the beautiful colors. I saw all the primary colors merge into brilliance.

(Photo Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

The conditioned thought, feeling and sense of ‘bad’ melted. He didn’t walk into the territory of ‘my’ periphery, rather we walked into no man’s land. Here there is no ‘good’ which breeds or leads to ‘bad’ or ‘bad’ that breeds or leads to ‘good’. I saw him, thought of him, felt and sensed him like any other being born in a different setting, different geography, different religious and cultural conditioning. Political boundaries are assumed. Flags represent egos. Nations are no mother and fathers. These are sectarian boundaries that divide humanity one one side or the other, breeding and leading to hatred, enmity and conflict.

A thought entered my mind. What if I was born him?

I looked at him with my Third Eye and touched his cheeks with my Third Hand. I touched his eyes, his nose and chin. He was like me.

I hugged him.

This was our experience, as we stood on the dock of a huge ship on the Northern Sea.