Thus speaks the Voice from the depths of the Lone Sheep:

Lone Sheep by James Qualtrough “Lone Sheep” by James Qualtrough 

At times I sense the strange fact that no matter where I go, I’m always Here and Now. This peculiar realization (peculiar because realizing this fact means I keep forgetting this fact) is especially intense while I’m driving. Maybe that’s because as the car (with me inside it) moves, I suddenly realize that time isn’t moving…I mean, do you SEE what I mean? It’s always NOW which means that I’m moving without moving, I’m in “this” space and then I’m in “that” space, but either way I’m still here where I am in this moment. I’m not a moment ago, I’m not a moment later, I’m always here Now. It’s like the present moment is stuck to me (or am I stuck to it?).

I’m laughing now because I guess it’s pretty obvious that I only exist presently. I mean, who doesn’t know that? It’s just that I’m so used to replaying things that happened before or thinking of what I need to do or what might happen later. I’m so used to thinking in terms of ‘what happened’ and ‘what is going to happen’ that the fact of “wherever I go, here I Am” gets almost completely obscured!

Behind the Veil by Michelle Muirhead
“Behind the Veil” by Michelle Muirhead

Just sit still for a moment if you can, and breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly. Look around and let the FACT sink in: “I and NOW are always together.” Has there ever been a so called time when I was actually in the past, or actually in the future? I have thoughts about the past, and thoughts about the future, but even those thoughts occur in that strangely ever present NOW. In fact, even if I have thoughts about what’s happening now, these are still interpretations of or beliefs about now, and not actually what IS (Now). 

Can you sense the strangeness of this well known fact which is somehow completely forgotten in the daily rush of your every-day routine? If I’m ‘here’ Now, I’ll also be ‘there’ Now – hahaha! Not only that, but if I’m not here Now (or there Now) then nothing and no one else will be here or there either! Just SEE, the existence of all things, of the world, of the entire universe in fact, is actually dependent upon the presence of my consciousness! So no, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is here now to hear it then it doesn’t make a sound. How on earth can it if there is no one here to perceive it?

My four year old son said something quite profound the other day. He said, “Mommy, when I go to sleep it’s like I’m nowhere. It’s like before I was born.” Imagine that. No, don’t imagine – SEE IT! SENSE IT! (Yes, there’s a difference between imagination and realization, between information and knowledge, between logic and intelligence, between wit and wisdom.)


What my son said contains a deep truth. Essentially, what he was trying to say is something that can’t be said but if I had to guess what he meant it would be something like, “When I’m not conscious, I don’t exist.”

I’ve sensed this fact many times and I realize what Eckhart Tolle means when he says, “You ARE the Now” as he laughs in his child-like way. Yes, you laugh! How can you not? It’s ridiculously simple! You aren’t who you think you are (or who you think you’re not, or who others think you are, or who you think you will become or cease to become), you are LIFE itself, the totality which exists nowhere except in the space of the present moment.

Thoughts will probably keep on coming into your mind. But even if thoughts don’t stop, even if images that aren’t actually here now keep flashing in your head (when you imagine or replay the conversation you had a few minutes ago with your friend do you see what’s actually in front of you?) as if they were in front of your very eyes, don’t worry. Don’t curse the manifestation of thoughts and feelings because it’s like cursing at the traffic jam – it’s no use at all. Just don’t follow the thoughts to any conclusion, don’t follow the feelings with your attention, just let them be, let them come and go and if any of them “take you ‘there’” see this happening and bring your attention back to the FACT that “wherever I go, Here and Now I Am.”

RAF Typhoon Dropping Paveway Bomb by UK Ministry of Defense

One more thing to remember is that you’ll eventually forget. Remember that your mind will start shelling your field of perception once again as it has a long history of conditioning to use as ammunition. Your mind is excellent at the subtle art of identifying itself with the history of “me” and “mine” – and the subtlety is often mind boggling (I know it’s a contradiction of terms to say that the mind’s tricks are mind boggling but it’s a way of saying). But the moment you see that your mind is up to its old tricks, don’t let it sneak into the back door by ‘feeling bad’ that “I am failing to remain present” or “I’m not able to stop thinking”. Instead, let all the happenings happen as they will and realize that you can’t stop the chain of cause and effect but you can bring your attention back to the fact that “Wherever I go, here and Now I Am.”