I saw HER with the kids radiating joy. I felt good. I told HER so. SHE was very much HERE.

‘How do you know who you saw?’- She asked categorically.

Abruptness of her question put me on a little defensive mode. She was right in asking, how do I know? My so called ‘knowing’ and believing that I know could be wrong. I said so.

‘Well, let’s say what I saw or believed I saw, I know her as YOU… if my ‘eye’ did not befool me’- I added still in a defensive mode I realized I had no need to be. Words came to me rather ‘knowing’ came to me I gave words to.

‘YOU is an approach, YOU is a state of being, YOU’s level of presence is different than yours other ‘you’s’, who, needless to say, are passive. YOU ensure your presence which makes the world real which in turn makes YOU real.’

‘Yes it must be.’- She agreed. Her not being infected by my defensive posture convinced me she was SHE. I wish I can see YOU ever present like this.’- I found courage to add. My words furthered my encouraging words.

‘Only this YOU is capable of being and becoming.’- This wasn’t just for her consumption. I had reinforced a suggestion myself. I felt good.

‘Some of your positive selves can merge with this YOU’- I sensed I was talking more to me rather than her. ‘Rest has to be neutralized and the only way…..you know.’ I decided to not reiterate what I knew she knew. But somehow found me elaborating a little owing to a cue for her to go back in the very same thought process I visit every day and bring to the fore her ‘knowing’.


‘Ensure YOU’s presence in any situation, any place, any time, in any event, in any sound you hear, in any shape you watch, at any turning, physical or metaphysical, any corner.’

‘I know and don’t know but yes I understand. Your reminders do me good.’ – She said.

I wondered how ‘knowing’ can shunt between yes and no? It disperses the cloud and brings clarity. ‘Knowing’ isn’t an information one gathers from the stored data’s even when it is contradictory to the one, one has internalized in the past. It isn’t an opinion; it can’t be a suggestion. ‘Knowing’ comes to you wordless, on its own. Our habit to understand any knowing in words compels us to translate the wordless knowing into language. The trap of language is inextricable.

‘If you ‘know’ then the question of not knowing can’t arise unless of course when YOU are not YOU.’ I said a little reluctantly, afraid I might push her to adopt a defensive posture inviting her hurt ego to shield HER and contend assertively, pushing her YOU back in the green room.

Hurriedly, I added- ‘Those you’s of yours don’t want to know. They are scared of YOU. YOUR presence is their death warrant.’ I continued encouraged by my own words. Now I sensed no fear-‘When you kill the impulsive natural inclination of the mind, the killer is YOU; when you kill excitement the killer is YOU.’

‘You’re right.’- her words were reassuring.

‘When you start questioning your approach it’s always YOU. YOU alone have the ‘third eye’ which can SEE. YOU are open and not prejudiced by the suggestions stored in the memory bank. YOU are the questioner. YOU are the observer. YOU are the seer.’ I continued in the same breath.


When is my happy ending: by Tommaso Meli

SHE heard me. SHE remained occupying her seat. SHE can be the master of her house.

I felt good.